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At Elite Ski Boats we have all the equipment you need to excel at all water sports.

Lost in the thrill of it all, it's easy to forget about the more functional water sports accessories that we offer, such as ballast bags. But that’s why we’re here, to help you get the most out of your water sport experience. Need a bigger wake? Check out these ballast bags.

We offer a broad selection of ballast bags, pumps, and related accessories. Ballast bags come in various sizes - ranging from 180kg to 500kg. Individual pumps and bags are available, or you can choose from among several bags which have a sophisticated, built in high velocity pump system. If you do need a separate pump, we offer top line models that can fill and drain a ballast bag up to three times faster than standard pumps.

If you're looking to increase your wake and improve your wake surfing experience browse through our ballast bag listings, read up on the latest features, check out the pics, and give us a call. Get in touch with our friendly customer service staff today on (08) 8234 5455 to find out more about our marvellous range of water sports accessories.