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Wakeskating has rapidly increased in popularity over the past ten years. This thrilling water sport requires the perfect blend of balance, dexterity, and strength, and here at Elite Ski Boats, we can’t get enough of it.

An advantage of the sport is that even a jet ski can generate enough speed and wake for a wakeskater. Now, with aficionados from all parts of the world, wakeskating is increasingly becoming a major water sport. Our wakeskates are crafted with precision in order to give you great pop off the wake, good traction and grip, and solid speed into the wake.

Wakeskates are classified according to skill level - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Other specs to pay close attention to include material, skate fin dimensions, rocker line, and concave description. Whether you’re a serious wakeskater or just getting started, a wakeskate is a great addition to your water sport equipment collection.

For more information about our state of the art wakeskates get in touch with our friendly customer service staff today on (08) 8234 5455.